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Tiger's Eye, Howlite & Black Lava Bracelet

Tiger's Eye, Howlite & Black Lava Bracelet

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This gorgeous diffusing bracelet is the best of both worlds - a healing aid and also an aromatherapy tool. A lovely blend of Tiger's Eye, Howlite and lava rock makes this a great tool for grounding. Just add a drop or two of your favourite oil onto the lava rock to benefit from the aromatherapy properties. 

Beaded on a strong clear elastic cord. Findings are silver tone. 


Tiger's eye brings brightness & optimism to a situation. Known as a protective stone, it brings good luck and prosperity to the user, especially for travelers. Supports Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Howlite is used as a calming stone. It aids in sleep, calming an overactive mind, dream retention and stress. It helps with pain that is brought on by stress in the body. Supports the Crown Chakra.


Lava rock, or basalt is an igneous volcanic rock. It solidifies from molten lava after serving conditions of intense heat and pressure. Lava rock is a grounding stone, it is also great for helping you gain courage and strength in challenging times. Also a great essential oil diffuser for natural aromatherapy. Supports Root Chakra.

Lovingly handmade in Canada.